Hull Veg City – Launch 31st October 2018

Mini Feast in the East, Aug 2018 (Photo: Jerome Whittingham)

The Hull Veg City campaign have announced that they will be holding their official launch on Wednesday 31st October with a lunchtime soup event 11:30 -1:30pm on King Edward Street Hull. For more information, or if you would like to be involved, contact Bryony at the address below.

To get involved and make a difference in you, your families and your communities lives, contact the Food Partnership Co-ordinator, Bryony MacFadyen

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Sign the Hull Food Charter

The Hull Food Charter sets 8 objectives for the city in working towards a flourishing local food system which is both healthy and fair for people and the environment.

  • A Better Food Culture
  • Increase Food Knowledge and Skills
  • Promote Healthy Food
  • Work Towards Food Equality
  • Encourage a Sustainable Food Economy
  • Develop Sustainable Supply Chains
  • Increase Food Production
  • Reduce Ecological Impact 

If these are objectives you agree with, why not sign the charter by clicking below.

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