40 organisations have signed the Hull Food Charter

Since its launch in June 2018, 40 organisations have now signed the Hull Food Charter.

The latest organisation to sign up is Sow Seeds Ltd, a family business who are based in South Cave.

Sow Seeds love to garden and grow the seed varieties that they sell. All the sowing information and growing tips that you find on their website have been written by Sow Seeds from first-hand experience.

As they expand their business they are also expanding and embracing a network of enthusiastic vegetable growers so that they can provide a new way to share insight on how to grow. Follow their blog for further information on this.


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Sign the Hull Food Charter

The Hull Food Charter sets 8 objectives for the city in working towards a flourishing local food system which is both healthy and fair for people and the environment.

  • A Better Food Culture
  • Increase Food Knowledge and Skills
  • Promote Healthy Food
  • Work Towards Food Equality
  • Encourage a Sustainable Food Economy
  • Develop Sustainable Supply Chains
  • Increase Food Production
  • Reduce Ecological Impact 

If these are objectives you agree with, why not sign the charter by clicking below.

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