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Q: What is your favourite thing to cook?

A: My personal favourite thing is the fact everything is home made. I’m not sure If you’ve seen our menu, but we have loads of different grilled cheeses, fries, we can do vegan options of these too as we have vegan cheese, vegan cream cheese, loads of different vegan fillings, a separate fryer so we can do vegan fries, gluten free fries. All our soups, all our specials, cakes, savouries and granola on the counter are all made here fresh daily.

Q: Have you found that there is one thing that is the most popular food item?

A: No, to be honest it’s everything. Everything is just as popular, there’s nothing most or least popular. On our menu we have a really good sandwich menu – you choose your bread, choose your filling, it comes with salad or fries, we have so many different things. We had somebody who works next door work out how many different sandwich combinations you can have and it’s crazy numbers, like in the 100,000s. We serve breakfast all day; people have breakfast still at ten to four. This morning at half past seven we served a Sri Lankan curry from the specials! Nothing is more popular than anything else because everything is just so popular. Even for takeout we are really popular, people just pop in for a sausage roll because they’ve heard they are that good.

Q: Do you usually use seasonal ingredients?

A: We just use a bit of everything all the time. Bethany is our baker and she will do all the cakes and savouries. So there is no wastage we use things from the kitchen and put them into things like sausage rolls. We like to do these things called dirty sausage rolls with beans. Every day we have a meaty item, a vegan item, and a gluten free item, so there is always something for everybody.

Q: Do you try avoiding food waste where you can?

A: Absolutely, we never have any food waste at all. It’s that busy from morning to afternoon.

Q: So you cook with meat, fish, and eggs – are they free range with red tractor meat and such?

A: Yes, absolutely everything is the best you can get.

Q: Do you locally source your produce?

A: Yes, everything is locally sourced, like all our fruit and veg is from the market.

Q: Do you have an interest in sustainability?

A: We do have really reasonably priced menus, our specials are a little more expensive but they are special, and once they’ve gone they’re gone; everything is all freshly made.We’ve gone down to paper straws, give people free tap water to be rid of plastic bottles in the fridge, so we are trying to cut back where we can.

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