Barista Cafe

Barista Q: Okay so you’re the manager of the café – do you know what the goals of the owners were when they opened the café, was it to maybe bring a little bit more culture to Newland Avenue due to the Turkish influence on the place? A: I think for them at the start they

Nibble Cafe

Nibble Q: What is your favourite thing to cook? A: My personal favourite thing is the fact everything is home made. I’m not sure If you’ve seen our menu, but we have loads of different grilled cheeses, fries, we can do vegan options of these too as we have vegan cheese, vegan cream cheese, loads

Bean & Nothingness

Bean and Nothingness Q: What inspired you to start your own business and did you have any goals in mind? A: I planned something like this for a good few years before I started, it’s become more of the coffee shop than it was meant to be, we are going to start pushing more of

#8 Pattinson’s Fruit – Know your greengrocer

Veg seller visit number 8 is to Pattison’s Fruit who you’ll find at Walton Street Market on Wednesdays and Saturdays 8am – 1pm. They’re at Beverley Market on Saturdays 8am – 4pm. The family business has been handed down to Lee, a fourth generation fruiterer who really knows his onions. He’s been selling fresh fruit

EMS – Cooking on a Budget

Environmental Management Services (EMS) based at the Freedom Centre on Preston Road are a community project very active in growing and cooking food with families in East Hull. One of the things they run is cooking on a budget classes. The main difference of their project has been actually getting children involved in the whole

#6 Five-a-Day – Know your greengrocer

Greengrocer’s No.6 for Hull’s “Know Your Greengrocer” is Five-a-Day on Chanterlands Avenue: a family run business, with a fresh approach. The shop is open 7-days a week and has a airy interior that’s not overcrowded. They’re very keen to minimise plastic packaging and no veg goes to waste – anything less-than-fresh goes in a basket

Know Your Greengrocer

This July as part of the Veg Cities Hull campaign, we’re visiting Hull’s hard-working greengrocers to ask them about their work keeping the people of Hull supplied with fresh vegetables! We’ll also be asking a few friendly questions about their lives as a way of introduction, if you’ve yet to visit their shop. Visit our

#5 Danny’s – Know your greengrocer

No.5 for Veg Cities Hull “Know Your Greengrocer” is Danny’s at 342 Hessle Road. Graham, Danny’s Dad, has been selling fruit & veg for 50 years. Danny took over in 2010 leaving Graham to focus on running the florist’s next door. Danny is friendly and his shop is ideal for young families with children under