Nibble Cafe

Nibble Q: What is your favourite thing to cook? A: My personal favourite thing is the fact everything is home made. I’m not sure If you’ve seen our menu, but we have loads of different grilled cheeses, fries, we can do vegan options of these too as we have vegan cheese, vegan cream cheese, loads

Sign the Hull Food Charter

The Hull Food Charter sets 8 objectives for the city in working towards a flourishing local food system which is both healthy and fair for people and the environment.

  • A Better Food Culture
  • Increase Food Knowledge and Skills
  • Promote Healthy Food
  • Work Towards Food Equality
  • Encourage a Sustainable Food Economy
  • Develop Sustainable Supply Chains
  • Increase Food Production
  • Reduce Ecological Impact 

If these are objectives you agree with, why not sign the charter by clicking below.

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