RB supports vulnerable communities in Hull, UK

RB takes action to support vulnerable communities in Hull, UK in the fight against COVID-19 Donations to six charitable projects will support the health and wellbeing of those most vulnerable and affected by the COVID-19 pandemic in Hull and the surrounding area. RB announced today it is donating £266,000 to support severely impacted communities. The

The origins of Hull Food Partnership

Food4Hull (2013 – 2018) More than 40 people came along to the initial meeting of Food4Hull (the forerunner of Hull Food Partnership), organised by Diana Sandy, Lee-Ann Williams and Hilary Hamer, which took place on Tuesday  22 January 2013. Three excellent speakers gave talks relating to the local food agenda, there was a buffet with

Kindling Trust

On the 16th July 2013 Food4Hull organised a free, public event: Inspiring Food Stories from Manchester and action we can take in Hull Helen Woodcock & Chris Walsh from The Kindling Trust came over from Manchester and gave an inspiring talk about some of the things they’d achieved in Manchester.  Here’s a (brief) summary for

Springtime in the Garden – WEA Course

Do you feel like trying a gardening course in 2020? The WEA in Hull are running a 10-week course. People on certain benefits might be entitled to a free course. Sow early seeds of your choice, and look at the possibilities of growing fruit trees and bushes and research how to plant them. Understand the

Bean & Nothingness

Upon visiting a selection of Hull’s local independent cafe’s which serve home made soup, we also asked them a few questions about their lovely businesses, how they ended up running their own cafe’s, and what kind of produce they tend to opt for in their menus. Bean and Nothingness Q: What inspired you to start

EMS – Cooking on a Budget

Environmental Management Services (EMS) based at the Freedom Centre on Preston Road are a community project very active in growing and cooking food with families in East Hull. One of the things they run is cooking on a budget classes. The main difference of their project has been actually getting children involved in the whole

Know Your Greengrocer

This July as part of the Veg Cities Hull campaign, we’re visiting Hull’s hard-working greengrocers to ask them about their work keeping the people of Hull supplied with fresh vegetables! We’ll also be asking a few friendly questions about their lives as a way of introduction, if you’ve yet to visit their shop. Visit our

The Big Lunch 2019 – Sat 1 June

TAKE PART IN THE BIG LUNCH – 1-2 JUNE 2019 The Big Lunch is about millions of people getting together to share food, have fun and get to know each other better.  It’s a simple idea – that for a few glorious hours, cars stop, shyness stops and neighbours come together in the street to