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SUSTAINABLE FISH CITIES is an ambitious campaign for towns and cities to buy, serve, eat and promote only sustainable fish. Starting in London, the campaign’s first winning step was to help the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games organisers to adopt a sustainable fish policy. Now a wide range of organisations are getting on board – shops, fish suppliers, restaurants, caterers, schools, universities and colleges, large employers and tourist attractions across the UK, supported by the buying power and encouragement of citizens.

SUSTAINABLE FISH CITIES HULL is run by the Hull Food Partnership. Every pledge we receive leads us one step closer to the five gold stars necessary to recognise Hull as a sustainable fish city. As a city built around its fishing industry, with a rich maritime heritage and many fishing companies still active today, we believe it is imperative that Hull reinforces this legacy by becoming officially recognised by SFC as a sustainable fish city. We need commitment from local businesses, organisations, schools and more to take the appropriate action to serve sustainable fish (as recognised by Good Catch and the MSC). Everyone who pledges will be listed on our website and posted on our social media sites, so the local community know who is taking action. Together, we can secure a sustainable fish future for Hull.


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For more information about the Sustainable Fish Cities campaign visit: www.sustainweb.org/sustainablefishcity