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Veg Cities Hull is a project funded by Sustainable Food Places, working with local government, food groups and organisations from schools, to hospitals, workplaces, food growing enterprises and restaurants.

Everyone knows how important vegetables are as part of a healthy, balanced diet. They sustain our bodies, sharpen our minds and help us fight off infection and disease.

Veg Cities Hull exists to increase the growing, cooking and eating of vegetables in Hull. We work with organisations such as Hull Healthy Lifestyles Team, Hull KR Community Trust, Veg Power UK and many others. We do this by organising events, challenges and promotions that inspire and motivate people to get involved as individuals or as a community in the growing, cooking and eating more VEG!
We have a wide range of different activities that take place throughout the year and plan to bring many more to Hull in the coming months.

Get inspired by checking these case studies and find out what motivates the people of Hull to cook, eat and grow their own.

Read the Hull Growers Handbook and find out how you can get started with growing vegetables for yourself (it’s easier than you think).

Sign up to receive our Monthly Newsletter for the latest information on what is happening in Hull and the surrounding area.

Check our resources page for information on local, national and global groups and discover what useful advice they can offer you.

For children and families we have teamed up with Veg Power UK to bring ‘Eat Them To Defeat Them’ to Hull.  With lots of activities to Vanquish the Veg, there’s plenty to keep everyone busy!

Visit the Veg Patch next to the Wilson Centre in the middle of Hull. During the harvest periods, vegetables are free to those who want them.

Get ready for our annual Seed Swap in February.

We need your help to get as many people in Hull growing, cooking, selling and saving more vegetables!  We always aim to make things as fun and enjoyable as possible.

Would you like to get involved? We’re always looking for fresh ideas, so please let us know how we make veg matter to you by contacting us.

Peas Please

In May 2022, Hull Food Partnership was named the winner of the Veg City Prize after being runner up for the previous 2 years.

The prize was awarded by Peas Please and recognises impactful and integrated place-based approaches to increasing veg uptake at a local level for cities participating in the Veg Cities campaign.

“Hull Food Partnership is delighted to be nominated for the third year running for the Peas Please Veg Cities Award, and we are very happy to be included in such good company with Veg Cities from across the UK sharing their expertise and enthusiasm for all things veg,” said Darren Squires, Hull’s Veg Cities campaign co-ordinator. “We could never achieve the things we do without the committed members of our Food Partnership and Grower’s Network. They go out in all weathers to support community veg growing and put on events to encourage people to eat and share more veg. They are the driving force behind Hull’s success and we salute every one of them.“

Sofia Parente, Sustainable Food Places Policy and Campaigns Coordinator at Veg Cities was equally delighted by Hull’s success: “After two years as runner-up, it is fantastic to see Hull Food Partnership win the Peas Please Veg Cities prize this year,” she said. “They have really demonstrated the impact of collaborating with council, food businesses, voluntary and community sector organisations. They are in a perfect position to ensure these actions are embedded in the city’s long term food strategy.”

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